Dirty Dicks – Hot Pepper Sauce with a Tropical Twist


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  • Made in USA
  • 147ml
  • All natural ingredients


Dirty Dick’s Hot Pepper Sauce with Tropical Twist is what you would expect right from the name! A unique combination of tropical fruit and savoury ingredients to create layers and layers of flavour and heat.



This sauce has a wonderful tropical and tomato aroma, it is a thick sauce thanks to the banana and this helps to coat your whole mouth and also lets you taste each element of the sauce first the tropical fruit, then tomato, habanero and the heat that comes with it and finishes off with sultana and onion. The sauce has a nice consistent habanero burn that is not too intense but is enjoyable.


Habanero Peppers, Mangoes, Pineapple, Vinegar, Bananas, Tomatoes, Brown Sugar, Raisins, Onions, Garlic, Salt, and Spices

Refrigerate after opening

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Dirty Dicks - Hot Pepper Sauce with a Tropical Twist
Dirty Dicks - Hot Pepper Sauce with a Tropical Twist